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Cabin Safety Manager, easyJet

Lisa has been in the aviation industry since 1994, working for several different ad-hoc charter and scheduled airlines, flying as cabin crew on both turbo prop and jet aircraft.She has been with easyJet since 2004 where she was initially a Cabin Crew Trainer conducting training for cabin crew and pilots in First Aid, SEP, CRM, Security and Dangerous Goods. After an enjoyable 5 years in training, Lisa moved onto the Cabin Safety Department.

Her current role is the Cabin Safety Manager based at easyJet’s Head Office in Luton. Lisa is a cabin safety subject matter expert, responsible for safety and compliance in the cabin relating to safety equipment, and cabin crew procedures.  Lisa conducts safety investigations, including for cabin mandatory occurrence reports and also monitors trends across the network in order to ensure a safe operation. The role of Cabin Safety Manager also includes writing and reviewing safety procedures, ensuring that risk assessments are conducted and that all procedures are safe and compliant with regulation.  Lisa is also a member of the Cabin Safety Liaison Group (CSLG), a committee made up of UK AOC Heads of Crew Safety/Training, working together for best practice related to cabin safety and training.

Cabin Crew Training Manager, Eastern Airways



Inflight Safety Officer, Ryanair



Safety Investigator, Virgin Atlantic Airways


Mary has been in the aviation industry for 40 years. She worked as cabin crew for three international airlines over a 15 year period, operating on numerous aircraft types from prop engines to modern jets.

During her 30+ years at Virgin Atlantic, in addition to operating as cabin crew, she was an aircrew Safety Instructor and Training Manager for 5 years and the Cabin Safety Manager for 13 years, responsible for determining and reviewing cabin safety policies and procedures to ensure that they were both complaint with aviation regulations and relevant to the scope of the airline’s operation.

In December 2015, Mary changed roles and is now the Safety Investigator responsible for managing the investigation of cabin related incidents and accidents, and progressing the company's Fatigue Risk Management System.



Unite (Cabin Crew - British Airways)

Kris has been flying as cabin crew for nearly 20 years and a workplace rep for almost 16 years. He started at bmi and progressed to Cabin Service Manager and was also a Cabin Safety Trainer.

Kris is currently a Cabin Service Director at British Airways. He has a seat on the Cabin Crew Advisory Group and European Transport Federation, where his main function is to consider and offer opinion on issues affecting European commercial aviation. Recently, he has trained over 500 delegates on the new EASA Flight Time Limitations scheme and compiled 3 technical books and several courses, both National and International.

He values CHIRP as a vital tool in maintaining safe flying operations and considers his place on the Cabin Crew Advisory Board as one of the highlights of his career.



CAA Cabin Safety Department



UNITE Regional Manager



Operational Safety Team Leader, British Airways

Donna has been employed in Aviation since 1999 when she started as cabin crew with Flying Colours based out of Glasgow. After 3 years with the Thomas Cook Group, she became part of Astraeus Airlines based at Gatwick. She held many positions during the 10 years with Astraeus Airlines, with her last position being Deputy Head of Cabin Service.

For the past 5 years, she has worked for British Airways within the Cabin Safety Team and currently holds the position of Operational Safety Team Leader. As part of the role, she looks after the team of Operational Safety Evaluators. From the data received she monitors and reviews trends and risks resulting in procedures being reviewed, amended or changed to ensure British Airways has a safe and compliant operation. 



Cabin Safety Manager, Aurigny Air Services




Cabin Standards Manager,



Norwegian UK


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