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Debbie Elliott (Chair)
Training Manager, TAG Aviation

Debbie spent over 23 years in Aviation, primarily working for Virgin Atlantic for 17 years in a myriad of roles including Cabin Crew On board Manager, UK & Ireland Pilot and Cabin Crew recruitment assessor and finally Cabin Crew Performance Manager for a number of years. She then progressed to manage Luton Airport as Base Manager for Thomson Airways during their merger with First Choice Airways, and tasked with the difficult role of harmonizing two legacy airlines crews.

Debbie joined TAG Aviation a leading Private Aircraft Management company based at Farnborough Airport in September 2009. A strategic role for developing their Training Centre for TAG Aviation crew and also the 70 other third party clients who require EASA compliant training. She is a member of The CSLG (Cabin Safety Liaison Group) a UK based committee with the leading airline Heads of Crew Safety/Training, working for best practice in all matters safety training related.

Finally Debbie holds a corresponding role on the RAeS Cabin Crew Standing Group for all issues Human Factor Cabin Crew related and is a member of Women in Corporate Aviation.


Amanda Clark
Cabin Crew Training Manager, Eastern Airways


Clare Cooper
Cabin Safety Manager, Aurigny Air Services

I have been in aviation for more than 30 years with a short break early on in order to be with my children. My career in aviation has always been based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands and I started as a member of cabin crew with a small operator by the name of Guernsey Airlines.

This company went through many changes including merging with British Air Ferries. When I returned to flying further changes had taken place and it was now Air Europe Express, before we later operated under the banner of Aurigny! I then had my wings clipped for a few years to have my daughter before returning to my role as cabin crew with Air UK/KLM UK but was then made redundant due to the closure of the base in Guernsey.

It was at this point I joined Aurigny (again) as the Cabin Crew Manager and have remained here ever since. We are a reasonably small operator with ATR72's and shortly taking delivery of an Embraer 195. When I started in my present role we had 4 cabin crew-we now have in excess of 40.


Brian Cozens
Head of Training Standards, Titan Airways

I started my aviation career back in 1973, joining Dan-Air Engineering at Lasham Airfield in Hampshire the start of a 5 year apprenticeship.  I was fortunate enough to join at a time when Dan-Air still operated vintage aeroplanes such as the Ambassador, Avro York and Comet.

Having qualified as an engineer it wasn't long before I got my wings and enjoyed my flying career where I operated aeroplanes like the B727, 737, 757, 767 and the A330.

I have worked for a number of companies during the 4 decades in aviation, ranging from Dan-Air to Sterling Airlines, Hapag Lloyd, XL Airways, Gama Aviation and now Titan Airways.

During the last 40 years in aviation, I have worn many hats including Engineering Manager to Flight Operations, Training and Examiner.  I now hold the position of Head of Training Standards for Titan Airways and am passionate to ensure the standards are maintained with the help of the supporting team encouraging all to achieve their individual goals, whatever they may be.


Captain Gareth Eccott
CRM Trainer and Line Pilot, Monarch Airlines


Mary Gooding
Safety Investigator, Virgin Atlantic Airways

Mary has been in the aviation industry for 40 years. She worked as cabin crew for three international airlines over a 15 year period, operating on numerous aircraft types from prop engines to modern jets.

During her 30+ years at Virgin Atlantic, in addition to operating as cabin crew, she was an aircrew safety instructor and training manager for 5 years and the Cabin Safety Manager for 13 years, responsible for determining and reviewing cabin safety policies and procedures to ensure that they were both complaint with aviation regulations and relevant to the scope of the airline’s operation.

In December 2015, Mary changed roles and is now the Safety Investigator responsible for managing the investigation of cabin related incidents and accidents, and progressing the company's Fatigue Risk Management System.


Lisa King
Cabin Safety Manager, easyJet

Lisa has been in the aviation industry for over 20 years, working for several different ad-hoc charter and scheduled airlines, flying as cabin crew on both turbo prop and jet aircraft.

She has been with easyJet since 2004 where she was initially a Cabin Crew Trainer conducting training for cabin crew and pilots in First Aid, SEP, CRM, Security and Dangerous Goods. After an enjoyable 5 years in training, Lisa moved onto the Cabin Safety Department.

Her current role is the Cabin Safety Manager based at easyJet’s Head Office in Luton. Lisa is a cabin safety subject matter expert, she conducts safety investigations for cabin mandatory occurrence reports, and monitors trends in order to ensure a safe operation. The role also includes writing and reviewing safety procedures, ensuring that risk assessments are conducted and that all procedures are safe and compliant with regulation.

Safety is easyJet’s number one priority and so Lisa’s experience in the industry helps to ensure that this is maintained in the cabin safety department.


Kris Major
Unite (Cabin Crew - British Airways)

Been flying as cabin crew for nearly 20 years and a workplace rep for almost 16 years. Started at bmi, progressed to Cabin Service Manager and was a Cabin Safety Trainer.

Currently Cabin Service Director at British Airways. I have a seat on the Cabin Crew Advisory Group and European Transport Federation where my main function is to consider and offer opinion on issues affecting European commercial aviation.
Recently I've trained over 500 delegates on the new EASA Flight Time Limitations scheme. Compiled 3 technical books and several courses both National and International.

I value CHIRP as a vital tool in maintaining safe flying operations. I consider my place on the committee as one of the highlights of my career.


Dr. Felipe Nascimento
Flight Operations Manager - Specialist Teams & Safety Performance, Civil Aviation Authority (SARG)

Felipe started his career in aviation as a military pilot in Brazil. As a Naval Officer, he piloted Super Lynx helicopters in and out of fast ships at night and, in the Air Force, Embraer Tucano aeroplanes. Military service ended, Felipe was awarded an MSc in Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics by Cranfield University and a PhD in Transport Risk Management by Imperial College London. His scientific production has pulled together the best safety management practices across various industries to develop predictive risk assessment techniques applicable to aviation. These were implemented in the complex environment of offshore helicopter operations in various countries, resulting in a number of high impact scientific publications. Felipe joined the UK CAA's Flight Operations Department as a Safety Programme Manager in 2014 and, since 2015, he has also managed the teams of inspectors in the areas of cabin safety, ground handling and dangerous goods.


Eva Roharikova
Chief Instructor Safety, Ryanair


Claire Simpson
UNITE Regional Manager


Donna Sparks
Operational Safety Team Leader, British Airways

Donna has been employed in Aviation since 1999 when she started as cabin crew with Flying Colours based out of
Glasgow.  After 3 years with the Thomas Cook Group she became part of Astraeus Airlines based at Gatwick.  She held many positions during the 10 years with Astraeus Airlines, with her last position being Deputy Head of Cabin Service. 

For the past 5 years, she has worked for British Airways within the Cabin Safety Team and currently holds the position of Operational Safety Team Leader.  As part of the role, she looks after the team of Operational Safety Evaluators.  From the data received she monitors and reviews trends and risks resulting in procedures being reviewed, amended or changed to
ensure British Airways has a safe and compliant operation.   


Andy Unwin
Training Manager, Thomas Cook Airlines


Nicola Walker
Cabin Standards Manager,


Val Wardle
Safety and Emergency Procedures Manager, Thomson Airways

In 1992 I had the privilege of joining Britannia Airways as cabin crew based in Newcastle where I flew for 13 years this culminated in the role of senior cabin crew on the B737, B757 and B767. In 1996 with the introduction of the B767 300 to Britannia I became part of the safety training team enabling me to develop my knowledge and interest in all elements of safety and training. This role involved training, coaching and developing cabin crew and pilots in all elements of cabin safety, first aid, security and CRM training. During this period I had the opportunity to extend this role to be part of the service training team which involved the very enjoyable task of recruiting cabin crew and training them in all aspects of service training and soft skills.

I was delighted to accept the role of Cabin Service Base Manager for Thomsonfly (previously Britannia Airways) in 2005 to manage and support the cabin crew in Glasgow to cover maternity leave. To support the crew from a welfare perspective and to ensure all individual and base targets were met, in essence to make sure the base ran smoothly and efficiently.

Upon completion of this maternity cover I progressed into the role of temporary Deputy Training Manager - Safety & Service based at the Thomsonfly Training Centre at East Midlands Airport. This role was to manage two very keen, professional and enthusiastic teams of people. Firstly the service training team who recruited the cabin crew and carried out all service, sales and soft skills training. Secondly the safety training team who covered all aspects of safety training including first aid and AED training, CRM, security and restraint.

Following the Thomsonfly merger with First Choice Airways I became the Safety Training Manager. One of my key objectives was to help amalgamate two very knowledgeable and passionate cabin crew training teams into one. During this period I took on the management of the Ground Training Pilots, once again stretching my knowledge of safety training this time within the pilot arena. Service training, recruitment of cabin crew and the management of the training centres was also part of this role. Although a challenging and extremely busy time it gave me the opportunity to learn from both teams, to take the best from each airline, to train all of the crew to enable them to fly successfully under one AOC.

Although life in the ‘training world’ was extremely enjoyable, challenging and rewarding it was time for a change I made the move into the role of Safety & Emergency Procedures Manager based at Thomson Airways (previously Thomsonfly) Head Office in Luton. This role was certainly a complete change as I was no longer managing a team of people, it now involved writing procedures and following up any safety incidents that had occurred; it did however still give me the opportunity to interact closely with cabin crew and pilots which I didn’t want to lose. Recently I was very proud to be heavily involved in the introduction of the B787 to Thomson Airways which included the first crew rest area for the company.

My passion for safety and open reporting has not diminished since I began in 1992, I remain determined to enhance the just culture within my current role and through CHIRP, along with the rest of the Board Members to develop further the open reporting culture within the all airlines. To offer guidance, background information and regulatory advice to both pilots and cabin crew where necessary to enhance safety within this unique environment.


Sharon Wheatman
Norwegian UK


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