Management and fiscal responsibilities for the Programme are held by an independent Board of Trustees. The Board comprises five ex-officio trustees; Chief Inspector Air Accidents, Chief Inspector Marine Accidents, Chief Executive Maritime and Coastguard Agency, The Civil Aviation Authority and Safety Director, NATS and 8 independent trustees all of whom have held senior operational regulatory or vocational appointments in the relevant industry.

The Chairman is Captain David Harrison, who has previously chaired the Air Transport Advisory Board. The Chairman of the Board is elected by the Trustees.

The Board's responsibilities include:

• Monitoring Programme performance against defined objectives.

• Setting annual business plan targets and budgets.

• Audit tracking and submission of corporate accounts and reports.

Stephanie Dykes holds the legal appointment of Company Secretary to CHIRP.

CHIRP employs a permanent staff of two full time members and five part
time under the management of a full-time Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive is responsible to the Trustees for the management of the Aviation and Maritime Programmes, which includes the following:

• Promoting the submission of safety related reports.

• Processing and analysis of reports.

• Definition of corrective actions.

• Co-ordination with relevant third party operational managements and
regulatory agencies.

• Editing, publishing and distribution of the various FEEDBACK newsletters
and other safety related information.

• Financial management.

• Business planning.

• Liaison with other safety agencies and organisations.

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