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CHIRP was established in its present form, as a registered charitable company, limited by guarantee, on 1 November 1996. As such, The CHIRP Charitable Trust is subject to UK Corporate Law and also the additional requirements of the Charity Commissioners. This corporate structure was selected from several options as it provided the following:

  • An independent organisational structure, with defined management responsibilities and accountabilities
  • A legal limitation on the liabilities of members
  • Formal fiscal and management audit processes
  • Regulatory oversight by Companies House and the Charities Commission

As a registered charity, the Trust is exempt from Corporation Tax and is not VAT registered.

The Aviation Programmes are sponsored by a grant of funding from the Civil Aviation Authority (Safety Airspace Regulation Group), which in turn is funded by the UK civil aviation industry.

The Maritime Programme originally receiving UK Government funding but is now funded through grants from The Corporation of Trinity House, The Lloyds Register Foundation, Britannia P & I Club, Seafarers UK, UK P & I Club, TK Foundation and ITF Seafarers. 

Management and fiscal responsibilities for the Programmes are held by an independent Board of Trustees.

The Board comprises 12 trustees; including the Chief Inspector Air Accidents, Chief Inspector Marine Accidents, Chief Executive Maritime and Coastguard Agency, The Civil Aviation Authority and Safety Director, NATS.

The Chair of Trustees is Ms Ruth Kaufman OBE, FORS, FIMA, CSci, who took over from Captain David Harrison in October 2020.  The Chairman of the Board is elected by the Trustees.

Stephanie Dykes holds the legal appointment of Company Secretary to CHIRP.

The Board's responsibilities include:
• Monitoring Programme performance against defined objectives.
• Setting annual business plan targets and budgets.
• Audit tracking and submission of corporate accounts and reports.

CHIRP employs a permanent staff of one full time member, two part time members and eight contractors under the management of a part-time Executive Director.

The Executive Director is responsible to the Trustees for the management of the Aviation and Maritime Programmes.

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