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CHIRP’s role

The CHIRP Charitable Trust is a registered charity and was formed as a company limited by guarantee on 1 November 1996.

The role of the Trust is to manage an independent, voluntary confidential reporting programme for the aviation and maritime industries.

CHIRP’s mission, values and guiding principles


‘To improve the safety of the travelling public and that of individuals employed within or associated with aviation and maritime operations.’

We will achieve our mission by:

• Managing an independent confidential reporting programme for the reception and handling of human factors and safety-related issues associated with the UK aviation communities and international maritime communities;

• Analysing data and identifying safety trends as a contribution to improving safety in aviation and maritime activities;

• Informing the aviation and maritime communities of safety-related reports and trends that we consider will be of public benefit.


  1. Performance - Matters of a confidential nature will be handled with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

  2. People - All who support CHIRP’s mission will be encouraged to articulate their personal views, as these are the means by which successful outcomes may be achieved.

  3. Value for Money - We will deliver value for money and review our activities periodically to ensure that we function in a cost-effective manner.

We will achieve our values through the following guiding principles:

• Working together effectively, internally and externally;

• Developing and empowering our staff, and valuing their contribution;

• Continuously seeking to improve our performance and processes.

Information, openness and accessibility


We publish, through electronic means and/or in hard-copy publications:

• At routine intervals, broadsheets containing a selection of disidentified human factors and hazardous incident reports that have been brought to our notice, together with observations based upon advice from our advisory boards;

We inform, by means of directed correspondence:

• Senior managers of those organisations that we believe need to be aware of reported issues;

We report, to our sponsors:

• Summaries of work undertaken in accordance with the Trust’s Memorandum and Articles of Association in furtherance of CHIRP’s public benefit obligations.


We manage a dedicated website that enables visitors to access all published material, the names of staff, members of the advisory boards, and trustees.


We provide a mobile app that facilitates access to our website.

We publish in every broadsheet and on the website, details of CHIRP’s postal, telephone and e-mail addresses, and guidance as to the several means by which reports may be submitted in confidence.

We use social media to enhance two-way communications.


We will carry out our duties in a fair, equitable and consistent manner. We will undertake effective liaison with our sponsors and all other bodies whose staff populate the expert advisory boards, and we will arrange that a sufficient number of independent advisors attend to ensure that CHIRP staff receive fair and equitable information.

As far as practically possible without compromising confidences or revealing the identity of reporters, we will maintain relationships with appropriate branches of the aviation and maritime industries that are appropriate to the resolution of safety concerns.

Courtesy and helpfulness

We aim to ensure that all who wish to contact CHIRP are answered promptly and politely and that their enquiries are handled in an efficient manner. Our staff will, at all times, be courteous and helpful.


We are required to ensure that the income we receive from our sponsors is sufficient to cover costs incurred in carrying out the Trust’s objectives. We are aware that such funds are provided to support CHIRP’s charitable purposes and that they do not confer upon our sponsors any directing or guiding privileges.

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