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CHIRP currently receives confidential incident reports from professional and amateur participants in the maritime sector, both from within the UK and overseas and across all disciplines.

On being received, reports are validated as far as is possible and reviewed with the objective of making the information as widely available as possible whilst maintaining the confidentiality of the source. Anonymous reports are not normally acted upon as they cannot be validated. When appropriate, report information is discussed with relevant agencies with the aim of finding a resolution. Only disidentified data is used in discussions with third party organisations and the confidentiality of the reporter is assured in any contact with an external organisation.

No personal details are retained from reports received. After ensuring that the report contains all relevant information, all personal details are returned to the reporter with an acknowledgement letter. Each report is allocated unique reference identification. After the return of personal details, CHIRP is unable subsequently to contact the reporter. The reporter may, if he/she wishes, contact the CHIRP office for additional information by using the report reference identification.

A newsletter FEEDBACK, covering current topics from disidentified reports and including new report forms, is produced four times a year and distributed widely, currently with a hard copy circulation of around 38,000. Some reports are disidentified further (e.g. time and place, company, reporter's gender) before being published in FEEDBACK, or making any data available to other agencies. FEEDBACK maintains an awareness of Human Factors issues within the sector and provides a forum for discussion.

We use Facebook to comment on current maritime safety issues, particularly those in which confidential reporting of hazardous incidents could contribute to improvement.  Please Click here to be linked to our Facebook Maritime page.

Disidentified data is recorded in a secure database for analysis of key topics and trends. 

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