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The aim of the UK Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme for aviation, known by the acronym CHIRP, is to contribute to the enhancement of flight safety in the UK commercial and general aviation industries, by providing a totally independent confidential reporting system for all individuals employed in or associated with the industries.

The Programme is available to engineers and technical staff involved with the design and manufacturing processes, flight crew members, cabin crew members, air traffic controllers, licensed engineers and maintenance/engineering personnel and individual aircraft owners/operators.

CHIRP compliments the CAA Mandatory Occurrence Reporting system and other formal reporting systems operated by many UK organisations, by providing a means by which individuals are able to raise safety-related issues of concern without being identified to their peer group, management, or the Regulatory Authority.

CHIRP is a totally independent programme for the collection of confidential safety data, and when appropriate, acting or advising on information gained through confidential reports. Independent advice is provided on aeromedical and Human Factors aspects of reports, involving such topics as errors, fatigue, poor ergonomics, management pressures, deficiencies in communication or team performance. The sensitivity of these topics requires that the anonymity of the reporter must be, and always has been, fully protected.

The CHIRP organisation is comprised of a small team of specialists with professional and technical expertise in commercial aviation, maritime operations and Human Factors. The Programmes are also able to draw on the assistance of a wide range of individual experts and specialist bodies across the spectrum of aviation and maritime sciences in order to promote the resolution of issues raised.


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