The Confidential Reporting Programme for Aviation and Maritime

The aim of CHIRP is to contribute to the enhancement of aviation safety in the UK and maritime safety worldwide by providing a totally independent confidential (not anonymous) reporting system for all individuals employed in or associated with these industries.

The CHIRP Aviation Programme provides a confidential safety-related reporting function that is available to flight crew; cabin crew; air traffic controllers; licensed engineers and maintenance/engineering personnel; engineers and technical staff involved with design and manufacturing processes; ground-handling & security personnel; and individual aircraft/drone owners/operators.  See our Aviation Programmes webpage for further information.

The CHIRP Aviation Programme also provides a facility for confidential reporting of Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination and Victimisation (BHDV) where there is an identifiable safety-related concern.  CHIRP has no specific expertise or resources to investigate BHDV reports.  CHIRP's role is to aggregate data to build a picture of the prevalence of BHDV in the aviation sector.  See our BHDV page for further information.  Initially, BHDV reporting will be rolled out as a 6-month pilot-programme for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew only.  The remaining sectors of aviation (ATC, Engineering, Ground Handling etc) will be included once the pilot-programme has been reviewed and any lessons incorporated (likely to be in April 2022).

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CHIRP always protects the identity of our reporters. We are a confidential programme and, as such, we only keep reporters personal details for as long as we need to keep in contact with them. When a report is closed, all correspondence and contact details are deleted from our system. Paper copies of reports and correspondence are destroyed.
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